A Thank You Letter From a Family Promise Guest

Dear GPFP Friends,
I am having trouble writing this letter because I don’t want to leave any detail behind. The kindness and hospitality I came to experience in Family Promise is one that I will forever cherish and keep in my heart everywhere I go. GPFP aims to provide shelter for families who are experiencing homelessness. Along with shelter comes meals and hospitality that is out of this world.

Not so long ago my family and I needed a place we could call our own. I honestly do not know how things would have been without the help of family promise during the time we were at our lowest. When we joined the program one of the things that Courtney said was “if you need anything please just ask and we will do our best to get you what you need.” I had everything I needed, a roof over my head, food on the table, toys for my kids and so much more.

I just want to say thank to each volunteer that is contributing to this program in any way. You dedicated your time to make sure that we felt at home, special and as though we lived in a perfect world. You left your families, pets and other things just to come and serve us. So much time, energy, emotions, money and many other resources were invested. I can never thank you enough. The special lunches, picnics, birthday cakes, gifts and initiated outings just so we don’t spend the day at the Day center doing nothing are all highly appreciated. Every little act of kindness even if it’s just a smile really meant a lot. You all made the most challenging days seem easy. The same love, attention, kindness that was given to my family was the same for everyone and I am thankful. Some of you volunteered so many times not because you didn’t have things to do but you felt the need to give a helping hand whenever one was needed. Please continue to show kindness, we may not repay you, but it is my prayer that our great God blesses us all.

We may not have been the easiest guests and I want to apologize if we said or did anything that was not very kind. We are individuals with different upbringings, likes and dislikes but we tried to make it all work.

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since we left the program. When we joined the program, we had only two suitcases. We left the program with bags of clothes, shoes and some other things that we didn’t even have. I can’t thank you all enough for going to great lengths to make sure that we had shoes, we were warm enough, we had pillows to rest our heads on. Our apartment has furniture, we have kitchen appliances, bedding, kitchenware and everything that we could ever ask for. Thank you to the furniture collection team. You did an amazing job and we love our apartment with everything in it. Thank you for working tirelessly and overtime.

Finally, I want to thank the churches, congregations, synagogue, meetings and all the places that opened their doors to accommodate us. We loved all the places, we loved the food, volunteers, activities, the conversations, and everything. The coordinators who worked so hard to get their teams fit and ready, thank you.

Courtney, Sara, and Lisa I just do not know how to thank you, but we have a long way together. You are all very dear to me and my family. Believe there is good in the world.

Kind regards,
Gloria, Paulo and the kids