At Allen Avenue UU Church, as at all UU churches, ministry and leadership are shared — and our committees play a crucial role in developing and carrying out both.

Deepen your connections with others in the congregation by putting your skills and experience to work as a member of a committee!

  • Building and Grounds oversees the maintenance and upkeep of our church building and property. Committee members organize and coordinate all-church work days and work with vendors, service providers, and our Sexton.  Do you enjoy carpentry or electrical work?  How about gardening?  For someone interested in visible, tangible results, this can be a very satisfying committee. For more information please contact Dan Chase.
  • The Committee on Ministry focuses on all aspects of the congregation’s ministry, including professional leadership, music, social justice, religious education and pastoral care. Allen Avenue UU’s mission is the reason for our existence as a congregation and ministry is everything we do as a congregation to fulfill our mission. As a congregation we own both our mission and our ministry. Members serve a three year term. New members are chosen by the Board of Trustees, from a list generated by the current committee members.
  • Our Communications Group coordinates both internal and external communications and includes the editor of our newsletter and our webmaster. If you are interested in being part of this group, please contact Diane Oberbeck. (To submit an article for publication see Submit News and Events.)
  • Finance Committee members oversee financial record-keeping and prepare and report on the budget.  They include the Treasurer, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees. For more information contact Russ Glidden or Lynne Russell-Johnson.
  • The Member Connections Committee supports the work of the Membership Coordinator, helping engage people in the work and the fun of our congregation. We plan events, carry out workshops, and help make people feel welcome. For more information contact Judy Stranocommittee chair, or Laura Burden, Membership Coordinator.
  • Nominating Committee considers and presents nominations for the elective offices of the Church including the Nominating Committee. The committee advises the Board of Trustees for filling vacancies at all levels of church leadership through the year. For more information contact Julie Harrison.
  • The Personnel Committee oversees A2U2 staff relations, acts as an advocate for staff in regard to working conditions, and ensures that our personnel management policies and practices reflect our UU values and comply with state and federal employment law. The Committee also recommends compensation and benefits to the Board of Trustees as part of the budgeting process and provides guidance to search committees. For more information contact Sonia Tonelli.
  • The Religious Education Committee has responsibility for church programs for children and youth. Committee members work with the Director of Religious Education to formulate goals, select curricula and evaluate the varied programs described in this brochure. For more information contact Tara Williams, chair of the Religious Education Committee or Carolyn Barschow, Director of Religious Education.
  • The Worship Committee is responsible for worship services when the minister is not in the pulpit. (Find out more about lay-led services.) Generally, this includes one worship service per month, plus coordinating summer service planning. Membership in this committee requires creativity, teamwork and an interest in worship.  For more information contact Keith Prairie or Anna Noyes Benoit.