We believe that …

… love is at the center of the Universe; those of us who believe in God, believe in a God of Love,

… each person is important and lovable and that we are all part of one family,

… all people must be free to search for what is true and good, using their own minds and hearts as well as the wisdom of others,

… human beings can make a choice to follow their consciences and to live lives of service,

… in a democracy of spirit, each person has a share of wisdom and truth, and

… community is important, that we learn and grow more by sharing with each other.


While we follow many diverse spiritual paths and value that diversity, there are some contrasts that might help explain what binds us together:

We don’t believe in...

… a God of anger,

… that people are born evil,

… that God loves some people and sends other people to hell,

… that someone had to die to appease an angry God,

… that the Bible is the only place to find truth, or

… that the minister holds the key to the truth.


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