Adult Enrichment Programs:

Adult enrichment is essential to our church and our members. 

It contributes to each of our spiritual journeys,
as well as the search for truth and meaning.

Our courses are fun,
and a great way to meet new people and socialize!

 Adult Education:

A Spiritual Journey Into Earth Community

Led by Rev. Myke Johnson

Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30, beginning Sept 20

In the Memorial Room (#6)

In this time of ecological crisis, we need a deep spiritual transformation in our relationship to life on Earth. "Earth Communityā€¯ is a vision of human beings living in mutually beneficial partnership with all the beautiful beings on this planet. Drawing from Rev. Myke's book, Finding Our Way Home, we will explore together how to deepen our connection to the earth, to each other, and to the Mystery at the heart of life. Class times will include conversation, exploration, and mutual sharing. Between sessions, there will be suggested readings and practices related to each topic, usually involving going outside. Limit 12 participants.

For more information or to register, email Rev. Myke at

Sept 20 Introduction to Earth Community

Sept 27 Waking Up to Earth

Oct 11 Spirituality as Connection

Oct 18 The Mystery Within

Oct 25 Restoring Our Connection to Each Other

Nov 8 Brokenness & Belonging

Nov 15 Helpers All Around Us

Interested in leading an Adult Enrichment Program???

Adult Enrichment is seeking interested parties to share their passion, insight, and expertise. Or lead a group discussion about something YOU want to learn more about. Share your favorite hike, or bring people together to see a 'must see' play. Do you have a meditative practice you think others would be interested in? Or is there a book that you know would resonate with other UUs that you would like to discuss? Let us know if you want to add a course for the fall. You have a lot to offer! Adult Enrichment course offerings have revolved around these five themes below.

  • Book and Discussion Groups (i.e., Theology, social issues, ethics) are a great way to stimulate thought among UU friends (old and new). There are many prepackaged UU courses available, with study guides as well.
  • Spiritual Explorations including practices such as yoga, meditation, mindful eating, etc.
  • Creativity/Art Workshops--explorations and films have been popular and are always welcome.
  • Feasts & Forays--explorations in the larger community (concerts, hikes, theater.
  • Healthy Living Classes in wellness, aging, cooking, etc.
Just let us know of the course you want to do with at least 30 days advance notice and we can publicize it and help you drum up some interested participants.

You can find proposal forms in the hallway on the bookshelf by the AE Bulletin Board, online in the box to the right, or send an email to Malory Shaughnessy with your questions. It is a great way to build community :-)

~ AE Committee

Adult Enrichment Courses

How to Register for a Program

There are two ways to register for an Adult Enrichment program, Off-line and On-line.


  • Sign up on the class posters, located on the Adult Enrichment Bulletin Board.


  • Click on the link for the program you are interested in to contact the Facilitator via e-mail. 

  • Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, telephone number AND the name of the program.  

How to Start an Adult Enrichment Program

Share your interest and expertise with your UU community. If you have a suggestion for an Adult Enrichment Program that you'd like to lead, please download and fill out the AE Proposal Form and submit it to the Chair. Contact information is on the form.

How to Facilitate an Adult Enrichment Program

If you are currently scheduled to lead an Adult Enrichment program, you will need the following forms which can also be picked up from the bookshelf below the AE Bulletin Board at church:

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