Becoming a Member

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New to A2U2 workshop 

A few times each year we have a luncheon and workshop so you can learn more about our church and about Unitarian Universalism.  The workshop is led by Rev. Myke Johnson, Laura Burden, our membership coordinator, Taryn Walker, our Director of Religious Education and other leaders of our church.  Childcare is available.You can find out more by emailing our Membership Coordinator here. Membership Coordinator 

Friends of A2U2 

"Friends” of A2U2 are always welcome to participate in our programs and attend all activities, including our Spiritual Enrichment Groups, Religious Education programs, Social Action Groups, committee meetings and more. You can sign up to be on our emailing list, and receive weekly announcements of activities. Being a "friend” is a way to take your time to see if this community is working for you.

Members of A2U2

After attending services and other programs and activities for awhile as a "friend” of our church, you may find that our church has become a spiritual home to you. At that point, you may want to consider becoming an official member of Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church. Membership means that you share in the mission of our church, and the ministry of our church. We believe in a shared ministry—all members are part of the ministry of our church, not just our professional minister. 

Here is our mission statement:

At Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church,

we are growing a community

that transforms lives through the power of love.

We celebrate diversity, encourage spiritual growth,

and promote social responsibility, as we walk with care on this earth.

We empower our members to share their gifts

to build a world of compassion, equality, and freedom.

When you decide to join this church, it’s an important moment for you, and for us. We want to help you find a place in the community where you can make friends and continue your spiritual journey. We want to help you find a way to contribute to the life of our church, with your own unique gifts and passions. Our Membership Coordinator can tell you more about what membership is all about.

There are some tangible benefits to being a member: Members are able to vote at congregational meetings, and help to shape the direction of our church. Our church is a democracy, and members are involved in important decisions, such as the calling of a new minister, the adoption of congregational stands on issues in the larger community, changes to the facility, and budget issues. Members can serve as Committee chairpersons, or in certain Ministries of the church, such as our Pastoral Care Team, or on the Board of Trustees. Members also have access to the services of the minister and use of the church facilities for weddings, memorial services and child dedications, without paying an additional fee beyond their regular contributions.

There are also intangible benefits. Becoming a member of A2U2 is an acknowledgment that we are in this together, that we can make a greater difference together than we ever could alone.

Responsibilities of Membership: Every new member is asked to make a pledge of time, talent, and treasure. Taking part in the shared ministry with your volunteer time means that you are co-ministering to your religious community. Making a financial pledge, of an amount that fits your financial circumstances, means that the church is able to maintain the facilities, hire the staff, and create the programs that make a difference in the lives of the members of the church and the larger community. Attending congregational meetings, informing oneself about the issues before the congregation, and voting according to one’s conscience and for the greater good of the community make the democracy of the congregation stronger and more representative.

Orientation Programs: A good preparation for becoming a member is to attend our Newcomer Orientation Workshop. The sessions give you an opportunity to meet other newcomers and learn about Unitarian Universalist history, theology, and principles, and to hear about our many programs and activities and responsibilities of membership. 

Becoming a Member

To become a member, you talk to the Membership Coordinator, and complete a New Member Covenant, which asks you to identify a monthly financial pledge, and your areas of interest in sharing your time and talents.

When these are complete, new members can sign our Membership book. Usually this is done as a part of a New Members Sunday. During the church service, we invite new members to stand and be introduced by name, and participate in a simple ceremony. Before the service, we take photographs of each new member, and we also ask you to write a paragraph introducing yourself to help the congregation, to help us get to know you. You can contact the Membership Coordinator, Laura Burden, for more information about becoming a member.

After someone becomes a member of A2U2, the journey continues. We hope our new members will join in the life of our church community. Come to our Sunday services as regularly as you can, work on your own spiritual development, serve on a committee or on projects, attend some of our activities (issue forums, film nights, fund raising events, and more), and come to our meetings.

Related Materials

Members and Friends

"Member Connections" meets fourth Mondays in the sanctuary over lunchtime from 12:20 - 2 pm.  This is an opportunity to learn about how to connect with various groups in the church.  All are welcome. 

The Members and Friends Committee works to create an atmosphere where all feel welcome and informed, by greeting newcomers and helping them find a place in our church community. We offer orientation sessions with information about Unitarian Universalism and our many church activities and programs, and help newcomers to learn about membership at A2U2. Twice a year we have a special ceremony to welcome our new members. We welcome and seek new committee members!  

For more information on both of these groups, please contact the Membership Coordinator