Each Sunday during February, we will be sharing one-third of our loose collection with Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. We are joining with UU congregations across the country to meet a promise made by the UUA Board to fund the Black Lives of UU because it is one of the best ways to move forward in our commitment to anti-racist multiculturalism. You can find out more at https://www.uua.org/giving/areas-support/funds/promise-and-practice. The Unitarian Universalist Association has set aside one million dollars from its endowment toward a total fundraising pledge of $5.3 million. Two very generous Unitarian Universalists, Julie and Brad Bradburd, have offered an additional one million dollars to match congregational giving. All of your gifts are needed and appreciated. And, if our congregation reaches the threshold of $10 per member, (or $2330) our gift will be doubled! And in fact, that gift would be tripled because our Northern New England District has promised to match gifts from all congregations in our district. If you wish to give a gift directly to this campaign, you can write a check to Allen Avenue UU Church, with BLUU in the note.

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