Changes to Family Promise Leadership

As most of you know Carol Jenkins has been one of two coordinators of our participation in Greater Portland Family Promise from day one. From the first time a group of us went to Portland to hear about the dreadful conditions homeless families were enduring due to a lack of shelter beds to our last host event in December, Carol has put her heart and soul into making Allen Ave a welcoming place for our guest families. As her partner coordinator, I can speak from experience in saying that this is a tough job with challenges mentally, physically, and emotionally. Dealing with so many people and so many details is really difficult and exhausting. She has jumped in repeatedly to deal with unanticipated situations and needs. Carol has decided that it is time for her to step down from leadership while continuing to be involved as a volunteer. It has been a deeply meaningful experience for both Carol and myself to lead this program and I know, perhaps better than anyone else, how much Carol has contributed to making it a success. All of us on the steering committee wish her well.

We are pleased to announce that Anne Marie Catanzano, who has served as our meals coordinator also from the outset, has completed coordinator training and has been approved by the Board as our new coordinator. I have personally enjoyed working with Anne Marie and know she will continue to excel as she steps into this new role. She has been attending coordinator meetings for some time now and should have no trouble assuming this position.

Carol Larson