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Communication keeps everyone informed about activities going on in our church community. We want everyone to know who we are, what we are about, and how they can participate! We strive to keep our communications accurate, brief and effective. 

Communications at Allen Avenue take several forms:

  1., our church website

Our website strives to provide information to our members, friends and visitors, and to the wider world. Please check out our video on the home page, our Worship page for upcoming worship topics, our audio recordings of services and our What's Happening to find out what's going on. We invite feedback to make our website even better.

2. eBlast, our weekly e-newsletter

Our members and friends receive a weekly e-newsletter that includes worship information, interesting information about members and activities, committee and church group activities, community activities that are sponsored by or recommended by our church committees and classified ads by members and friends. We do not send this newsletter to those who have not attended our church. However, if you have visited and are interested in receiving the eBlast, you may become a friend by contacting our Membership Coordinator at 207 797-7240 or

3. outside publicity

We strive to make the wider community aware of what is happening in our church community. Our church is a member of Community Television Network. We also post our Adult Enrichment programming when appropriate in local media outlets.

Special Note:  We would LOVE to have help with our outside publicity! If you would like to explore better ways to help us reach the community, we want to hear from you. Please contact our Church Administrator  at (207) 797-7240 or to have a conversation!

How to submit items for publication at A2U2:

Email all communications to Specify in the Subject line if your item is for eBlast/Newsletter, Website, and/or outside venues.  The eBlast is for crucial, brief information (who, what, when, where) with a brief description; the website is the place for more details, links, etc.; photos may also be useful. 

Each GROUP/church entity that submits items for publication in eBlast/Newsletter or website appoints ONE person as their representative thus 

· ensuring that the editor(s) get consistent, accurate information without duplicates

· letting know who they are, if we are not already familiar with them, or if a substitute is used during vacation, etc.

· filtering all submissions from her/his group for accuracy and appropriateness for publication—especially for correct dates, places, info, check for who, what, where, and when.

Each group (and their representative) will be responsible for submission of non-church items and events that relate to their area of responsibility;

· For example, social-justice related events should go through Social Action, and Adult Enrichment events should go through Adult Enrichment.

· Non-church events will be published in eBlast in the bottom part of the publication whereas church-sponsored events will be published in the upper part under Committees/Groups or other headings

· Non-church events on the website will be published only on the group's own webpage, rather than on the What's Happening page.

· Non-church event listings will be limited to Who, What, When, Where with a link if appropriate.

Personal classified type items, such as Needed, Wanted, Personal Business items, etc.

· These will be published in the bottom part of the eblast and should be brief, with links if appropriate fmi

Church-sponsored events can be highlighted as their date becomes closer—

· but events can be mentioned briefly with links to the appropriate website page, as early as necessary to afford early registration and planning.

Important Communications Info

Deadlines for submission of materials:

Community Television Network:

Tuesdays at noon

Sunday Bulletin:

Thursdays at noon


6 pm Thursdays


Midnight Wednesday prior to last Friday of month (except July)

Who are the Communications Teams?

Website Team
eBlast/Newsletter Team
Facebook Team
IT-Computing-ChurchDB Team
Outreach-Communications Team