Envelope Fundraiser Is Up and Running!

If you’ve been at church since last Saturday you may have noticed a poster board affixed to the closet door in the foyer.  It has a multitude of pretty colored envelopes attached to it with dollar amounts  on the envelope. What is this you asked? It’s called the:

A2U2 Envelope Fundraiser

This fundraiser will be one of the ways we make up for not having a traditional holiday fair. Here are the instructions which are as easy as One-Two-Three

  1.  Pick an envelope with a dollar number on it.
  2. Put your cash or check into the envelope in the amount shown on the front. If you like, write your name on the back. There are blank envelopes on the table if you need them  to create your own amount.
  3. Place the envelope in the wooden box near the poster. For security reasons the box will only be there on Sundays.

All money raised will be deposited into the General Church Fund. If all the envelopes are used we will make $2485. FMI contact Pauli Juneau