Family Promise at A2U2

Once again this year we will be hosting families over Christmas week. We won’t know until just before their arrival who those guests may be. But we can be sure that what we do makes a huge difference in the lives of those who briefly share their lives with us. All of the folks who were here in July are in permanent homes.

If you would like to be added to the Family Promise e-mail list, please send your contact information to Carol Larson. Also, Greater Portland Family Promise maintains a “bullpen”, a list of people who would like to volunteer at other congregations. If you are not on that list and would like to be added, send that request to Carol also. You will then be contacted by e-mail when help at another congregation is needed.

The next volunteer training opportunity will be at Westbrook Warren Congregational Church on November 14 at 5:30 PM. This is the last training before out host week. If you would like to interact with our guests, you must attend this orientation once. Already trained? You are good to go. This training is not needed if you want to provide food or help with set up.


You can learn more about Social Action at A2U2 here and here.