Family Promise Host Week – April 15-22

The sign-up is available. Thanks to Mike Luce for being the first to add his name. We will ask for promises of staple items on Sunday, April 8 and collect them on Sunday, April 15. This process worked very well over Christmas. For anyone interested in actually interacting with our guests, there is one more volunteer training on Wednesday, April 11, 5:30 to 8:30 PM St. Luke’s Cathedral (parking at 134 Park St.). Or without training you can help out with set up, clean up, laundry, or good prep. We will have a table on April 8 between services to answer any questions you may have.
A report a couple of weeks ago reported 147 individuals at the Portland Family Shelter, 72 individuals in Family Shelter overflow spaces, and 13 individuals staying at Greater Portland Family Promise. The need continues to be great. The wonderful news is that all of the families we have hosted, 2 this past summer, and 3 over Christmas are now in their own homes. That is 6 adults and 12 children who are settled in and moving on with their lives thanks to the many faith communities and the over 600 volunteers now participating in GPFP.