Stewardship and Finances

dollar signChurch finances are a very important part of our community! Without appropriate stewardship, both by our members and friends and by those responsible for our funds, we could not achieve the goals and missions of our groups and programs. Our Treasurer reports to and is a member of both the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees. In addition, she is chair of the Finance Committee. Financial reports are created monthly for presentation to the Board, and are available to any member by request. Stewardship is the means by which we nurture and care for our church and congregation. Each spring our Stewardship Committee encourages us to consider the extent to which we will contribute our financial resources, time, and talent for the support of A2U2.


Your pledge of time, talent, and treasure to our church each year ensures that all the good things we love about our community continue to thrive and grow. We pledge generously because our church helps us keep a loving, helpful heart in a troubled world, because we want our children to grow up with strong values, and because it is a powerful voice for good in our community. Our church operates on a fiscal year, which begins each July 1st. If you have not yet made your pledge and would like to do so, or would like more information, please read through our Stewardship Booklet.


The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial well-being of our congregation, including recordkeeping and maintaining of accounts payable and receivable. The Treasurer has primary responsibility for financial policies and liaison to the Board. The Controller is responsible for the accounting practices carried on by staff and volunteers, including logging in contributions and pledges. And they all do have fun (really!) while they do this serious work. Your input is valued and your participation is welcome. 


The Stewardship Committee is responsible for designing, training and implementing the annual Stewardship Campaign for church pledges. This is a large task that is shared with a large group of members, many outside the committee. It can also be lots of fun, as new themes and crazy hats have been known to emerge from this dynamic committee. Over the next couple of years, this committee may coordinate with a capital campaign committee to guide the financing of our beautiful new building project. This is an extremely important committee in our church, and it welcomes new members. 


Our budget is the responsibility and the business of all of our members. If you would like to see the budget, please log on to ChurchDB (for members only). You will find the budget listed on the front page (Message Board).