Each week, we share one third of our offering with a local nonprofit to show our support for organizations whose work furthers the values expressed in our denomination’s Seven Principles.  We hope that Share the Plate will also bring a greater awareness to the community of Allen Avenue UU Church and Unitarian-Universalist values.

Friends of Portland Adult Education helps adult learners strive to become stronger citizens, employees, parents and  entrepreneurs. Friends was formed in 2012 to assist in meeting the unique needs of Portland Adult Education’s students and to bridge the gap between what PAE is funded and the cost of running the largest adult education program in the state.

Friends of Portland Adult Education efforts are currently focused on:

  • Student Support Services (Scholarships for course work, Credential Translation and Evaluation, and Student Field Trips and Teacher Projects)
  • Portland Adult Education Initiatives (Classroom & Building Upgrades and Technology Needs)
  • Workplace Training
  • Marketing and Communications.

The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) is a program within Portland Adult Education serving immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. NMRC includes a skilled professionals program, employment case management, intensive classes focused on job readiness skills, networking groups, workshops, and other offerings. These offerings are designed to help New Mainers, of all professions, overcome barriers in order to enter the US workforce. NMRC participants also take advantage of other classes and programs offered by Portland Adult Education and community partners.

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