Interim Minister Task Force Update

As you may know, upon learning of Rev. Myke’s retirement, the Board voted to hire an Interim Minister. Like many other churches and synagogues, UU churches have found interim ministry extremely helpful in giving us a chance to reflect on our hopes and wishes, who we are and who we want to become.

Your Interim Task Force (Nancy Cunningham, Barbara Freeman and Troy Moon) met with the Board this week to review work so far and plans/procedures going forward. The process and timeline differ dramatically from that for hiring a settled minister, and the Board, not the entire congregation, does the hiring. Our Task Force is to accomplish this in a period of less than 2 months!

To date, we have been preparing our application to the UUA to be submitted later this month. In early May, we will receive a list of 2 – 8 candidates from the UUA transition team. We will then interview (by phone or Skype if not in person) those where there is mutual interest. We have 10 days to do interviews before any offer is allowed. Our selection then goes to the Board for approval. The good news is that if all goes well we should know who our Interim Minister is by the end of May. Although the names of candidates are of course confidential, please feel free to contact any Board member or Task Force member with questions you may have.