Knitting Ministry Introduces Shared Shawls

Those of us who have been participants in the shawl Knitting Ministry have been overwhelmed with the response of recipients to the fruits of our labors over the years. It is part of what keeps us motivated, along with the joy we feel in being able to support members of our community when it is needed.

It’s been suggested to us as a group that in addition to offering our shawls as gifts to those seriously ill or grieving loss of a close family member, we might also designate several shawls to loan, for use in the short term by a recipient, then passed along with the added care and love of previous wearers. We find this a really intriguing idea, one well worth giving a try.

So if you find you are in need of comfort for a short period of time and like the idea of being wrapped in the arms of our community let us know you need a “Shared Shawl”. You can do this by contacting the Minister, the Pastoral Care Team or Suzanne Federer or Sue V Malcolm.

P.S.One of our first Shared Shawls will be going to someone having knee replacement.