Ministerial transition update

The Board has been busily working behind the scenes on facilitating a smooth ministerial transition after Myke’s retirement. We met with our UUA district transitions representative, Joe Sullivan, in October and discussed the process.

Calling a settled (i.e., permanent) minister involves the congregation on many different levels, ranging from the creation of a search committee to a vote at a congregational meeting. Hiring an interim minister is very different. The Board creates an Interim Search Committee, which then engages in a clearly-specified UUA process by which congregations in need of interim ministers and interim ministers in need of congregations connect (kind of like dating). The Interim Search Committee then makes some recommendations to the Board about promising candidates and the Board hires the perfect candidate for the job.

The official search process happens in May. To date, the Board has created our Interim Search Committee – Troy Moon, Barbara Freeman and Nancy Cunningham. This group will be working with Myke, other staff and volunteers, and the Board to complete our application for an interim minister. We are grateful to the work of the Committee on Ministry on our triennial review, as those data will provide good insights. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact me or talk to a member of the committee.


Angie Dierks, President, Board of Trustees