Minutes of the Board of Trustees – 9/25/2018

The Board of Trustees met for its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, 9/25/18. The following agenda items were discussed:

  1. The Board decided to adopt a consent rule whereby the Board members read certain reports in advance and, if clear, there is no need to discuss. If not clear, then we remove those reports to be discussed as part of the later agenda.
  2. We discussed the need for a clear policy regarding monetary gifts to the church.
  3. We then discussed the broad issue of improving communication within the church. One idea Rev. Anita proposed was our considering the appointment of an ombudsperson for congregational members to approach with ideas and concerns. That appointed person would work with the Council (see next item) to discuss and make suggestions to the Board, as appropriate.
  4. One of the most exciting discussions of the evening was the report by the Council sub-committee (Julie Harrison, Tina Veilleux, Ann Packard) about constructing a new (formerly ‘Program’) Council of several dozen members, representing many constituencies: committees, groups, congregation as a whole, other non-Board leaders as both an adjunct of the Board in reaching out to the congregation, and also as an advisory group in making recommendations to the Board based on ideas from the wider congregation. This Think Tank would be a very important addition to our current way of church governance. We look forward to their fuller proposal at our October meeting.
  5. We discussed various Diversity training ideas from the UUA to develop awareness for the Board and for the congregation as a whole.
  6. We do not have anyone to chair the Christmas Fair, and it may not happen if no one steps forward.

Respectfully submitted, Marilyn McWilliams (clerk)