Music Programs Portland, Maine

Music is an important part of our worship experience at A2U2! In fact, many of our members have listed the musical offerings as among their favorite reasons for attending our worship services regularly. We pride ourselves on the talents of our members and friends and encourage you to contact our Director of Music to talk about how you might like to "make a joyful noise” with us.

We at Allen Avenue have had the pleasure of calling Dale Churchill our Music Director since July of 1986. Dale’s sense of humor and ability to go to the "edge” of improvisation consistently amaze both the congregation and the members of the A2U2 choir, who come together every week for rehearsals, performance and great fun. His talents make music at Allen Avenue one of the most important elements of worship in our congregational survey. Read more about Dale Churchill.

A2U2 Adult Choir

Our adult choir rehearses each Thursday evening from 7:30-9:00 and h as a wonderful time doing so! Its members have a varying degree of training, ranging from just a love of singing to formal voice and/or instrumental training. Some of our members sing with other groups, such as the Choral Art Society and Women in Harmony. The music is eclectic, covering a large variety of genres, and is always fun to sing. Reading music is very helpful, but not absolutely necessary. The choir welcomes and encourages new members. 

A2U2 Youth Choir

The youth choir will be once again be assembling in the memorial room each Sunday at 8:30 prior to RE classes.The choir is open to youth of all ages who have an interest in singing, but does require a commitment to regular attendance at morning rehearsals, and participation in one or two performances during the church year.This is a wonderful opportunity for children who love music and want to experience the joy of singing in harmony with their peers.Please sign up by contacting Dale Churchill at, or speak with him in person between services by Sept 20th.

Other music OpportunitiesInstrumental and Other Music Opportunities

We are constantly and pleasantly surprised by the talents of our members and friends in instrumental performance. Their skills add immeasurably to the diversity and richness of our worship services as well as other community gatherings. Dale is always open to new ideas for musical performance, and would be delighted to collaborate with musicians to create performances. Soloists and small groups are welcome. In addition, we love to see other artistic performances, such as dance that would fit with our worship themes. Please contact Music Director Dale Churchill if you would like to participate in our musical and artistic programs.