New and improved coffee hosting routine!

Change is Good!

In talking with folks about hosting coffee, we realized some things about coffee hosting have changed over the past three years.


  • Coffee Hosts DO NOT provide the teas, cream, milk and sugar.
  • Coffee Hosts DO NOT provide the coffee. Thanks to Arabica/Cathy Walsh!
  • Coffee Hosts DO NOT bring snacks.
  • Coffee Hosts are NOT expected to clean up after another group’s event on Sundays.

Groups are encouraged to have their own clean-up crews to attend to extra glasses, plates and cutlery.

Usually, First Service Coffee Hosts will arrive at 8:30 to find the cups out and the condiments table laid. Usually, Second Service Hosts arrive at 10:30 and find that the First Service Hosts have most of the cups washed and coffee ready for after the second service.

So with all these things you DON’T do now, what’s stopping your doing?

We need one more person for the First Service, to serve about every 6 weeks, and 3 more people for the Second Service, to serve about every six weeks. The more people, the less often and the more flexible we can be. Your service is not difficult, but very, very valuable!

Contact Sharon or call the church office and leave a message.