NNED Board Proposes to Dissolve

Back in July 2008, UU congregations of the Northeast District (Maine) and NH–VT District voted to consolidate into the new Northern New England District of the UUA. It was a journey of faith to provide improved services and programs for our churches. Now, after 10 years of learning and growing – here and within the larger UUA, the NNED Board is proposing to dissolve the NNED, and to fully merge with the New England Region. This change is not unique to us. Throughout the country, our UUA organizational structure is shifting from “districts” to “regions.”

This recommendation comes after a long process of discernment and the decision that a volunteer board and one part-time administrative assistant cannot provide meaningful support to our faith communities in three states. And it seems that,  as the NEA and our Region are reorganizing and looking to the future, this is the appropriate time to join with them.

NNED Board members will hold open discussion about NNED dissolution at Auburn UU Saturday April 28th from 10 a.m. to noon in the sanctuary. There will be Zoom video calls May 9th and 17th, and open discussion Friday, April 13th at the District Assembly in Nashua, NH.

Carol Larson, NNED Board Member