Nurturing Our Roots and Branches (Upcoming House Meetings)

A large thank you to the 40 volunteers who joined us last Saturday for their own House Meetings. We were gratified and energized by their commitment and enthusiasm! They have volunteered to lead the more than 20 meetings that will be held between January 26th and February 10th.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up now to attend one of these House Meetings. Sign ups for the meetings  will continue after both services this Sunday the 13th. If you can’t be there, you may sign up via email to Dave Juers. And, if you don’t get a chance to sign up we will be contacting you to find which meeting is best for you.

Recall that the purpose of these meetings is
– to discuss the life of the congregation – what we value and what we would like to change
– to include as many stakeholders from the congregations as possible
– to build relationships by engaging people who do not necessarily have opportunities to talk      
  to and hear from each other.
Now is YOUR chance!
…which of our roots/traditions do YOU value the most? 
…in what ways do YOU hope we can branch out going forward?
…how much do YOU know of what other members are feeling?
We look forward to your participation.