Registration for Religious Education

Kids on StageEvery year at Allen Avenue all children and youth, who participate in our programs, are expected to complete a registration form, which will be done each Sunday in September in the foyer. This process assists us in placing children in the appropriate group and provides us with information about medications, allergies, and health concerns. 

A parent or guardian's name, contact phone number, and email and/or mailing address are needed to facilitate communication. Permission forms are required for field trips, medical care, audio and/or video recordings and still photos of the children.  The latter are used only with permission but with name identification withheld.

Safety at Our Church

Above everything we offer in our RE programs, the safety of our children is the most important. To that end, the Board of Trustees has enacted a written safety policy which must be followed when dealing with our children.

Two adults are always present and in charge in each classroom. We ask that Adults (friends of the church) attend at least six months before volunteering to work directly with children. 

Also, windows have been installed in all classrooms so that parents can easily peek on their child’s group without disturbing it.

Childcare offered at church always involves more than one caregiver if the program is sponsored by a church program. 

For more information on our safety policies, please contact our Director of Religious Education.