Each week, we share one third of our offering with a local nonprofit to show our support for organizations whose work furthers the values expressed in our denomination’s Seven Principles. In September our weekly offering will be shared with Welcoming the Stranger.

Welcoming the Stranger is an organization which works to create formal mentoring relationships between local families and asylum seekers. Unlike refugees for whom a resettlement process is in place, asylum seekers often arrive with nothing and must negotiate a lengthy legal process that can take three years or more. While dealing with the trauma of leaving their homes to seek safety, these new arrivals are struggling with adjustment to a new climate, a new culture, and usually a new language.

Mentors provide a variety of supports depending on the needs of the new Mainers. These can involve practicing English skills, helping with an apartment search, support in shopping or using the bus services, or any other activity to help newcomers adjust to Portland.

Welcoming the Stranger works in conjunction with other area groups and individuals including Family Promise.

Nominated by Carol Larson.

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