Social Action Events in Portland, Maine

Next meeting, Wednesday, May 10, 6 - 6:45 potluck, 6:45 - 8:30 meeting

Members of the church rally for healthcare

FAMILY PROMISE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED NOW!!! Family Promise is starting to happen. It is very likely that we will be hosting for two weeks this summer. We need a few volunteers to work with us now to organize volunteer lists and to collect the supplies we will need to accommodate our guests. If you would like to be part of this exciting project, we would love to have your help. Please contact Carol Larson to add your name to the volunteer list. Volunteer information and sign up options will be available at both services this Sunday. Please indicate how you can help. We hope to have as many of us involved as possible to make this a truly A2U2 outreach opportunity. 

Our church has signed onto a document which can be seen here. It says:

A Maine Pledge To Protect the Civil Rights of Immigrants

To our immigrant friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow community members:
We support and pledge to defend your civil rights and to work toward building communities of compassion, dignity, and safety for all. 

Multicultural Music Fest to Benefit Furniture Friends Tues, May/2 from 6-9 p.m. Portland House of Music Tickets are on sale now at for this celebration of Maine's rich cultural diversity. The evening will include exuberant music and dance along with complimentary international food from local eateries. Proceeds will benefit Furniture Friends, a local nonprofit that provides donated furniture to families in need throughout Greater Portland. Spread the word!

Hands Around Back Cove was a family-friendly peaceful gathering to honor our community, the values of equality and acceptance we stand for, and our resilience as a nation. 

The circle represented love and hope for the future, helping our diverse community to heal from the presidential election in a peaceful show of solidarity. Many of our members participated!

Many of our members walked in the Pride Parade this year.


More photos here!


Members of the church asking the legislature to overturn the Governor's veto of support for solar power.

We demonstrated in Boston to support the climate change summit

Some of us demonstrated against Nestle
 as they plan a takeover of the Fryeburg's water supply. See here.

We demonstrate to support immigrants and asylum seekers in our city on Monument Square in Portland, December 2015. At least 8 of our members were present.

Regular Social Action Activities

Preble Street Soup Kitchen

We and First Parish UU Church commit ourselves to prepare and serve dinner to well over 400 clients on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen at 252 Oxford Street, Portland. We help prepare the food, serve the food and clean up from 3:30 until 6:30 pm. Please see our web page for more information. In 2016 we received recognition as faith-based support by Preble Street.

Project FEED

Project Feed is a food pantry housed in Woodfords UCC Church. A number of our members volunteer at the pantry, including the volunteer coordinator and the treasurer. Every week we contribute non-perishable food to the pantry, which can be left in the basket in the foyer of Allen Avenue.  Financial contributions and reusable bags are also welcome. Please see the pantry web page for more information!

Our clients have learned as we have to bring shopping bags when getting food, but in case they forget, we have extra ones available. Our congregation made an Earth Month donation all in cloth bags in the past.

Bags of food