Rev. Myke Johnson

Hold On, Hold On!

♦♦♦ Sunday 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM ♦♦♦

The spirituals were songs born in slavery, to lift the hopes of the people, and guide them on a journey to freedom.  Today, as we reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior, we will explore the spirituals which were sung as part of the civil rights movement.  We will sing a lot, and draw inspiration for our own struggles for justice and freedom today.

(There will be a New Member Welcome Ceremony today.  Please contact Laura Burden if you would like more information on becoming a member of A2U2).

Each According to Their Understanding

♦♦♦ Sunday 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM ♦♦♦

On January 13, 2018, one of the world’s first statements of religious tolerance will have its 450th anniversary. In 1568, in the city of Torda, in what is now Romania, a religious gathering presided over by Unitarian King John Sigismund proclaimed:

“In every place the preachers shall preach and explain the Gospel each according to his understanding of it, and if the congregation like it, well. If not, no one shall compel them for their souls would not be satisfied, but they shall be permitted to keep a preacher whose teaching they approve…no one shall be reviled for his religion by anyone… and it is not permitted that anyone should threaten anyone else by imprisonment… For faith is the gift of God…”

Today we will explore this historic moment in Unitarianism, and its implications for our UU faith today.