Worship Committee


♦♦♦ Sunday 10:00 AM ♦♦♦ Annual Potpourri Service: join us and bring whatever you wish to share – a poem, music, something you have written, or something you have found. Or just come and enjoy what others offer. No RE program is planned for this Sunday, but childcare will be available. 

Pursuing Happiness

♦♦♦ 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM ♦♦♦ The federal government doesn’t give us happiness. The state government doesn’t give us happiness. We kind of have to find it on our own. That’s what the Declaration of Independence suggests. It lists the “pursuit of happiness,” not happiness itself as an inalienable right. So join the pursuit with the Worship Committee as it leads the way in this light-hearted service for the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Taking Heart

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