Worship Committee

Political Civility

We live in politically divided times. It’s hard to have any conversations without some political overtones, and even harder to keep conversations civil when speaking with those who have different views. But should you always be civil in those situations? What does being politically civil … read more.

Personal Journeys, Sacred Stories

We’re surrounded by sacred stories of all kinds, but we also have our own stories. In our UU congregations, our third principle encourages us to continue our journeys of spiritual growth, so we can learn which of those sacred stories resonate with our own experience. … read more.


Members and friends are invited to contribute to our annual Potpourri Service.

So what’s a Potpourri Service? It’s a worship time when Dale Churchill and the Worship Committee provide the skeleton for members and friends to flesh out with readings, writings, and music contributions of their … read more.

To Comfort and Be Comforted


What a comforting word to hear. But what is it? How do you get it and give it? Is providing comfort a step toward feeling it? And how do we make our church a place of comfort?

The Worship Committee explores these and related questions as … read more.

Head and Heart

Our Unitarian heritage encourages us to ask questions and keep an open mind. Our Universalist heritage reminds us to be welcoming and have a caring heart. As Unitarian Universalists, we strive to honor both head and heart. How do we do this? And is there a difference between knowing something intellectually or knowing it emotionally? Join us as we explore these and other questions about head and heart.