Spiritual Enrichment Groups

 Spiritual Enrichment

Spiritual Enrichment Groups (SEGs) are our way of living out the Mission and Values of Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church to be a welcoming congregation, to take responsibility for our own spiritual growth and to continue our role as a catalyst for positive change in our community and the world.

How small group ministry

works at A2U2


  • Most groups meet twice per month
  • Most groups meet at church but others meet at a member’s home
  • All group members covenant with each other regarding confidentiality, child care, how often to meet, whether to share food and other issues.
  • Topics might include: our spiritual journeys, hope, love, acceptance, aging, generosity, humility, sin, God, wonder, human nature, music, loss, sickness, humor, tolerance, etc.


How SEG meetings

work at A2U2


Members of each group, who have covenanted with each other:


  • are led by a facilitator
  • usually meet for 2 hours
  • discuss a specific topic for reflection on the deeper issues of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives
  • use a protocol that provides opportunity for each person’s voice to be heard, uninterrupted, and encourages intentional listening from the heart
  • have open discussion after everyone has shared


GREAT NEWS— Some of our SEGs have space for new members! If you would like more information please contact Elizabeth Oatley or after church most Sundays.