Spiritual Growth at the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church Portland, Maine

To live with spirit is to live from the deepest part of our being, awake to the mystery and wonder of the world. We believe that there are many paths to spiritual growth, and we seek to respect and support the diversity of spiritual experience among our members.

We seek to offer many opportunities at Allen Avenue for people to grow in their spirituality and deepen their spiritual practices. The following are ongoing groups that provide spiritual support. Creation of new groups that help to foster diverse paths are also encouraged and supported. If you have an idea, please speak to our Minister, Rev. Myke Johnson.

Spiritual Enrichment Groups

Spiritual Enrichment Groups are a form of small group ministry. Participants in small groups are committed to exploring spiritual and ethical topics, supporting each other in our spiritual growth, ministering to each other through listening and caring, and supporting each other in our service to the wider church community.  

Other Ways to Explore Your Spirituality

Many of our members have found that they enjoy meeting with other like-minded members and friends in community groups centered on ways to explore spirituality. These groups have been founded by and are run by their lay membership. You may want to learn more about the Pagan Group or the A2U2 Zen Community.