Summary of January Community Council Meeting

The Community Council came together in January to discuss the revitalization of our church foyer, which at our previous meeting was identified as the first church-wide issue for the group to address. Many exciting and thoughtful ideas were shared for how to make the space more aesthetically appealing, more functional and organized, and more welcoming. At some point during this lively discussion three primary areas of focus began to take form: 1) Appearance, 2) Traffic Flow, 3) Scheduling. As these three components are somewhat inter-related it was decided to address them all at the same time with three separate task forces. Our hope is that others from the congregation may want to join one of our short-term task force groups to offer ideas, expertise, and helping hands as we work to revitalize our foyer.

This meeting was the second of the newly formed Community Council. Our group consists of committee members, church staff, members of the Board of Trustees, and members of the congregation. We come together once a month to delve into issues that we as a group or members of the congregation have identified as an opportunity for improvement within our church. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings to share their thoughts and ideas.

Our next meeting is set for Monday February 25th at 6:30 pm when we will begin our discussion on creating a sacred worship space in the sanctuary. For more information about the Community Council or to join a task force please contact Tina Veilleux.