Summary of Community Council Meeting

The first meeting of the newly formed Community Council was attended by 18 people from church committees, staff, and the Board.  There was much enthusiasm as ideas were generated ranging from how to better use our church space, to improving communications, to reviving Adult Education.  Gidge Veilleux, our facilitator, led us through the process of prioritizing the ideas raised, resulting in a list of nine issues to address.  The first issue that the Community Council voted to think about, discuss, and take action on is the use of our foyer, specifically how we can use the space more efficiently and create a more inviting atmosphere for members and guests.

Community Council meetings also provide a forum for committee members and staff to inform each other and members of the congregation about their activities, or to make announcements.  On that note, our Kitchen Minder would like to gently remind small groups who use the kitchen during the week to clean up after themselves.