Worship Committee and Ministries in Portland, Maine

The Worship Committee is responsible for creating or sponsoring one service a month during the regular church year (September-June). This may involve sponsoring another group within the church to put on a service, such as the Social Action Committee or Senior Youth Group. 

At other times, the members of the Worship Committee have a great deal of fun designing, planning, and presenting a service, which includes finding or creating readings, choosing hymns, coordinating with the Music Director, and creating an order of service. 

During the remainder of this church year the Committee on Ministry will be considering a different facet of A2U2 ministry each month, starting in December with Worship.  Some of the questions we plan to ponder are:

In what ways is worship a part of the ministry of this, or any UU Church?

What does it mean that we share this form of ministry through lay-led worship?

Are there other ways that we minister through worship?

During the summer, the committee is also responsible for coordinating lay-led services and ensuring that all Sunday slots are filled.   Want to see what we have been up to? Click Lay Participation in Worship to learn more and link to descriptions of some of the services we have presented. We would love to have you join us! 

Worship Associates

Would you like to be a reader at a worship service, participate in a lesson for all ages skit, or contribute occasionally in other specific ways with the minister or the worship committee? The worship committee holds periodic trainings in use of the microphone, and public reading practice for those interested in such occasional participation.