2022 Ferry Beach Retreat Scheduled

Remember those great retreats we used to have at Ferry Beach? Well, we can do it again!

Before Covid, our church held memorable weekend retreats with the Auburn and Norway churches at the Ferry Beach Camp and Conference Center in Saco. From Friday evening until Sunday morning, we played on the beach, attended workshops, made new friends, and returned home inspired, energized and renewed.

Last May due to Covid restrictions, a few of us from Auburn and A2U2 gathered for a modified retreat. We planned no workshops and limited our formal activities to a campfire with s’mores and a closing circle. We welcomed the unscheduled time for rest, relaxation and community.

Now we are proposing another retreat for the weekend of May 20-22. Again we will plan no workshops in advance, though we would certainly welcome any that pop up during the weekend, or any that folks suggest before then if they will organize it. But who needs to be organized when we can spend time with our friends on the beach, gathering together for those great conversations we never have time for at coffee hour after church. And to top it off, be served delicious meals that we didn’t have to cook ourselves!

We need to provide Ferry Beach with an estimate of people who might plan to attend. Please respond to Carol Hayden by email (cdhayhall@maine.rr.com) or phone (854-2112) as soon as possible and before December 12th with either a YES, NO, or MAYBE.

Questions? By all means contact Carol or A2U2 Retreat planners , , ,
Connie Cross ccross572@gmail.com or
Betsy-Jo Whitcomb bbwhitcomb@gmail.com