A Farewell Message

Dear Ones,

It is difficult to find the words for this, my last message to you as your minister.  I have felt myself filled with wonder and gratitude.  We have known blessings in abundance.  You have been loving, faithful, caring and generous in all you have given to me and to your beloved A2U2.

It shows.  The vibrancy and health that radiates from your core, easy to access and experience, was on full display Sunday, June 21, with the amazing drive-through farewell celebration of the work and ministry you and I have done together.  Wrapped in such love and faith, I will happily settle into my July vacation, and then, retirement

Thank you.

The kind words you shared with me, the precious notes with tender thoughts and memories, the flowers and decorations all made the parting a sweet sorrow.  What we had was good, and now we are prepared and ready to go on to other things.

You send me off with two precious objects, crafted by beloved members of the congregation, a chalice made by Dave Juers and a carved relief representation of the Dawn Redwood, made by Mike Luce. Those of you who joined us at our last “Congregational Conversation” by zoom on June 21, saw them.  I include photos of them here for those of you who did not get to see them then.  They are such perfect representations of our time here together, and I will cherish them.

















Have a healthy, happy summer, knowing that you are held by this community in love and care.

          Gratefully yours,

                                                                      Rev. Anita

In the event of a pastoral emergency, contact church President, Tina Veilleux.  She can reach me in July, Rev. Donna in August.