A Message from Church Leadership

Dear A2U2 Members and Friends,

These are difficult times, and we hold each other in care as we travel through them.

Because of the risk of the Covid-19 corona virus, the Unitarian Universalist Association has asked all congregations to cease holding meetings of more than 25 people. In the interest of prudence and care for your well-being, we are adopting that practice until further notice.

What does that mean for us practically?

There will be no in-person worship services or religious education programs.

We are creating a team to enable us to remotely deliver worship, either recorded or live stream.  We will let you know when these will be available.

While the UUA has not yet recommended cancelling meetings of fewer than 25 people, please be thoughtful about whether to meet in person. You may want to meet by phone or virtually (Skype, Zoom, etc.) instead. Observe partial social distancing by leaving at least six feet of space between yourself and other people.

Several people have already volunteered their technical skills for setting up remote meetings and others have offered caring outreach and support to people in our congregation. If you need either type of help, please let Diane know.  We are still getting our teams organized, so we may not be able to respond immediately unless it’s an emergency situation. More volunteers are always welcome.

Dr. Cynthia Cushman, a member of our congregation, is advising us on best practices during this pandemic, and we will keep you posted as we put these in place.

We know how important our community is to each of you.  Trust that you are held in love and care through this.

Faithfully yours,

Rev. Anita and Diane Oberbeck