A World We Do Not Recognize

My dear ones at A2U2,

These are difficult times.

We are living in a world we do not recognize as our own, a world for which we were not trained, nor for which were we prepared. Yet it is here. And we are called to live in it- to live in it faithfully, awake, alive, and in love with it. For this still is the day that has been given to us, for which we are to be glad in it.

The ways we know to be comforted and strengthened, the ways of human touch, the warmth of the held hand, the reassurance of the hug are not accessible in the ways they have been before. For those of us who live alone, church gatherings were a primary source of those comforts. Indeed, these are challenging times.

But we are a brave and resourceful people of faith. We know there is a sun, even when it is not shining, and we can know we are beloved, even when we cannot feel the squeeze of a hand in greeting. It may take more effort to remember that, but the love that holds the world together, holds us, A2U2 and each of us, unfailingly.

When we were children, we thought that our parents had disappeared when they left the room. Then we learned that they were still there, still our parents, and still mindful of us, even when we were away at school or playing with friends. So it is with our beloved A2U2 community. We are still here, and we are still accessible and caring. It just takes a little more intentionality to make the connection explicit.

Please do use all of the vehicles at your disposal to connect. Phone calls. Facetime. Email. Texting. Skype. Zoom meetings. Our website. Even notes and cards through the mail that we can tape up to our refrigerator to remind us of one another, are important. We are experiencing physical distance. We do not need to be socially isolated.

We are working on creating circles of care so that we can check on one another (Thank you Lisa Reed). Please respond if you are contacted.

We are creating taped mini-worship services that will be on the website each Sunday morning, followed by a live Zoom opportunity for follow up conversation at 10:30am. Pleased join us then. The link will be on the website. Watch for a children’s story that will be coming to the website as well.

Your staff and Board are continuing virtually, keeping the important work of A2U2 going while keeping the building closed for the safety of all. Please feel free to contact any of us with your thoughts.

We hope that you will continue to send in your contributions to keep this community going- as much as you are able. Electronically or by mail, we are grateful for your faithfulness.

Beloveds, these are the times when our assurance of the interdependent web of which we are a part, and our deep understanding of the inherent worth and dignity of every person calls us to the deepest places of compassion in our hearts, where we can respond with care and love, even in times when understanding of the other eludes us. For surely, the universal Love that holds us, holds all.

In love and faith,
Rev. Anita