It is our hope to involve every member of our congregation in this effort.  We want to hear your diverse voices and encourage generosity in giving and receiving as we work towards realizing our collective vision for our church.

This year we have an ambitious, but what we believe to be an attainable goal. Our spending plan reflects what we as a congregation have expressed as priorities through the House Meetings, the results of which were presented at the recent Congregational Meeting.

Because the timetable is compressed for this stewardship campaign, we ask that you please pay special attention to the following schedule:

Sunday, April 7th – Pick up your pledge packet at church.

If you are not in attendance we will mail it to you on 4/8, but picking up the packet saves money on postage.

By Sunday, April 14th – Complete and return your pledge forms by whichever method is most convenient for you:

  • Place in the “Stewardship” box in the foyer
  • Place in the collection plate during service
  • Return by mail

Generosity comes in many forms. At A2U2 we are very fortunate to have a congregation that freely and efficaciously contributes a range of talents and skills, ideas and expertise, valuable time, as well as tangible and monetary gifts towards the important work of our church.

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee and the Board of Directors we would like to express our sincere gratitude for all you have given.

Testimonials from Congregants

Mike Williams’s Testimonial (given March 31)

Christine Wirth’s Testimonial (given at the early service on 4/7)

Pauli Juneau’s Testimonial (given at the early service on 4/14)

Brian and Linda Emery’s Testimonial (given at the late service on 4/14)

Judith Moll’s Testimonial (given at the late service on 4/21)