March (3/26/2019)

Present: Diane Oberbeck, Ann Packard, Julie Harrsion, John Howard, Mike Williams, Troy Moon, Tina Veilleux, Russ Glidden

Absent: Marilyn McWilliams, Rev Anita

Stewardship Training/presentation- Tim Vogel, Ann Packard

Accepted consent items- unanimous

Discussion: debrief about congregational meeting.

John Howard- diversity training from UUA. John is exploring various UUA presentations. “Mosaic “makers conference”- May 18 in NH.

Action: John H. will contact Carol Larson. John will ask to Anita about adding Carol to the diversity training.

Spending plan review forums- discussion about holding 1 or 2 forums after Sunday service before the annual meeting.

Action: Russ will organize on a couple of Sundays mid-April.

NNED annual meeting- Motion by Troy Moon that Carol Larson and Lee Shenton will be delegates at NNED,  seconded by Mike, motion passed unanimously.

Diane-informed the board Joe Goodwin and Matt Stevenson will work on AV.

Action: Diane and Russ will follow up with them.

 Adjourned at 8:20.

February (2/26/2019)

The Board of Trustees conducted their regular monthly Board meeting on 2/26/19.
Items discussed included:

A ‘Centering the Margins’ webinar attended last week by many Board members and
Rev. Anita. All agreed this was a very worthwhile and thought-provoking webinar and
we are very grateful to the UUA for conducting such webinars for church leaders.
We discussed the possibility of eliminating the registration fee for parents of children in
RE. The education of our children is one of our most important missions, and it seems
unfair to charge a fee for participation, when no other groups within the church are
charged a fee.

We accepted Stewardship’s recommended timeline and all the Board involved events in
this year’s endeavor.

We were very impressed with Erica Bartlett’s results in the Social Media Task Force to
date. The work has been great and impressive, and the results already are more
people visiting (and even joining!) the church. We also approved an additional
expenditure of $1600 for that Task Force’s work for the remainder of this church year.
Thank you, Erica!

In addition to that effort on behalf of Social Media, both Katrina VanBrugh and Troy
Moon attended a UUA workshop in MA regarding Social Media. Their reports to us
were exhaustive and comprehensive. We thank them for spending the time to go and
for producing such great notes for us to consider!

We discussed names of people to form a By-Laws Task Force.

We agreed to a date of May 18th for a Spring Plant Sale, that will include many other
outdoor activities for the whole family. More to come!

We are continually impressed by the Community Council’s amazing enthusiasm and
energy. You will be seeing some of their work soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McWilliams, Clerk for the Board of Trustees

January (1/22/2019)

The Board of Trustees met on January 22, 2019 for its regular monthly meeting, and the highlights are as follows:

1) The Board voted to approve the dissolution of the NNED (Northern New England District of the UUA), as explained by Carol Larson, a member of that Board.

2) We discussed the need for our by-laws to be studied, rewritten, cleaned up.

3) The Board approved the appointment of AnneMarie Catanzano as co-coordinator of Family Promise, replacing Carol Jenkins who is retiring, at the end of this church year. Carol Larson will continue as co-coordinator.

4) Rev. Anita let the Board know that the Board and she would be undertaking a UUA Transition Appraisal process later in the spring.

5) Stewardship is working on its timeline for this year’s drive, and each component group, led by members of the Board, is developing its working groups and figuring out its place within that timeline.

6) The Community Council met on January 16; their topic of discussion was how to make the foyer more inviting. Many ideas were generated and many attendees volunteered to follow up of them. Topic of discussion for February’s meeting will be sanctuary improvements to enhance its use both as a sacred space and as a multipurpose room.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McWilliams, Board Clerk


December (1/8/2019)

The Board of Trustees held its December meeting on Jan. 8, 2019, and here are highlights of that meeting:

1) Tim Vogel, from the Stewardship Steering group, discussed that group’s theme for the stewardship campaign (“Generosity Nurtures Our Shared Principles, Spirit and Community”), and reviewed his report and the list of campaign components and those heading up each component.

2) There will be a special Board meeting on 3/5 for the Transition Team to present the findings from the House Meetings, and that will be followed on Sunday, 3/24, by a special Congregational meeting between the two (compressed) services for the entire congregation to hear the results. The Transition Team reported that the pace of sign-ups for the house meetings has been brisk.

3) Troy Moon reported on his findings re other UU churches who use Breeze as their database, and he will contact key users within our church as we head towards possible transition to this database.

4) Harold McWilliams and Clay Atkinson updated the Board on bathroom construction plans.

5) The Board authorized paying the registrations for Troy Moon, Laura Burden and Katrina VanBrugh to attend an upcoming Social Media Workshop to be held in MA.

6) Rev. Anita reported that the staff appreciation luncheon, authorized by the Executive Committee at its November meeting, was a great success and the Board discussed adding a line item for “staff appreciation” to next year’s spending plan.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McWilliams, Clerk