MSC News

Thanks to All!

Thank you to all who have participated so whole-heartedly in Candidating Week with Reverend Donna! As of Wednesday, 19 of our groups have met, with 190 people attending. As our minister for the week, Rev Donna has also reached out to many individuals … read more.

Eureka! The search is over!

From many, many applicants, from across the country, we are delighted to have chosen the Reverend Donna Dolham, Interim Minister of the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, in Denton, Texas.  A native Mainer, Rev. Donna is a graduate of the Andover Newton Theological School (now a … read more.

Pre-Candidating Is Complete

We feel very fortunate to have finished our in-person weekends with our pre-candidates before having to isolate from one another in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. So far, we haven’t had to alter our schedule much.  Our next step is to meet as a committee … read more.

Great Workshop Turnout!

Thank you to those who attended last weekend’s “Beyond Categorical Thinking” workshop at the church!  With roughly 40 participants, the event was a rousing success. We on the committee–and many others we’ve heard from–benefited much from Keith Kron’s guidance. Now that we’ve submitted our proposed … read more.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine

Close your eyes and imagine the ideal minister. Who comes to mind? We all have our own personal biases, based on life experience, education, where we’ve lived, and many other factors.

This is why the Ministerial Search Committee is looking forward to hosting the upcoming “Beyond … read more.

Invitation to Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop

The Ministerial Search Committee is pleased to invite everyone to the church on Saturday, November 23rd from 9:30am-12:30pm for the Beyond Categorical Thinking (BCT) workshop. This program, led by UUA Transitions Director Keith Kron, is designed to promote inclusive thinking and help prevent unfair discrimination … read more.

Yellow Ribbons

If you see someone at church with a yellow ribbon extending from their name button, you’re looking at a search committee member. Have more to say to us that wasn’t covered in the survey? Please find us during coffee hour, or email us!  We’re happy … read more.

Survey Goal Reached

Thank you for making your voices heard by participating in the ministerial search survey!  We met our goal of 60% participation!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be collating and summarizing the survey results and we will report back to you later this month with … read more.