We Have a Place for You


Our new church year has begun! So many exciting and challenging things weaving their way into the fabric of our community. Two wonderful Religious Education programs held on the grounds of the church! We welcome Emily Jones, our new Director of Religious Education, the … read more.

Northern New England District UUA Dissolved

Meeting virtually on Saturday, September 26, representatives of most of the 70 Maine. New Hampshire, and Vermont churches within the Northern New England District UUA voted to complete the process of dissolution of the District begun in 2013 when the UUA moved to a regional … read more.

A Message from Church Leadership

Dear A2U2 Members and Friends,

These are difficult times, and we hold each other in care as we travel through them.

Because of the risk of the Covid-19 corona virus, the Unitarian Universalist Association has asked all congregations to cease holding meetings of more than 25 people. … read more.

A Message from the UUA

We find ourselves in a time of unease and a time of opportunity. With reports of violence and animosity becoming a regular occurrence, it can feel like we are under siege. Reports of mosque attacks in New Zealand, church attacks in Sri Lanka and a … read more.

What the UUA Does for A2U2

During a meeting of the Board on Tuesday, 4/16, part of our discussion involved our church’s increased involvement with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Here are some of our observations:

We have increased our use of these resources in the past couple of years, most recently … read more.