Ministerial Search Committee Retreats

The Ministerial Search Committee has hit the ground running!

We the members of the Ministerial Search Committee held our retreat on August 10-11. The weekend offered us a great chance to get to know each other better and to map out the essential work ahead. We … read more.

Heartsick Again

We struck the religious imagination of an angry people

-Mahatma Gandhi

Beloveds in faith,

We have just lived through two more horrifying mass shootings in our country.

The trauma is real — and we dare not become immune to it.

I am heartsick, as … read more.

A Message from the UUA

We find ourselves in a time of unease and a time of opportunity. With reports of violence and animosity becoming a regular occurrence, it can feel like we are under siege. Reports of mosque attacks in New Zealand, church attacks in Sri Lanka and a … read more.

Office Administration Update

Our wonderful Office Administrator, Alice Alexander, is very ill and is currently not able to come in to the office. Lynne Russell-Johnson and other volunteers have stepped up to cover her most critical duties, but there are still many gaps which the Personnel Committee is … read more.

What the UUA Does for A2U2

During a meeting of the Board on Tuesday, 4/16, part of our discussion involved our church’s increased involvement with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Here are some of our observations:

We have increased our use of these resources in the past couple of years, most recently … read more.