Committee on Ministry Is Active Once Again

Now that Rev. Tara is our new Transitional Minister, the Committee on Ministry is active once again.

The members of A2U2’s 2022-2023 Committee on Ministry are Celeste Stickney (left), Jim Mason (center), and Cathy Rasco (right). The Committee on Ministry (COM) is charged with working with Rev. Tara to foster a healthy relationship between minister and congregation and will help to encourage and facilitate right relationship, healthy communication, and constructive feedback. They are accountable to the Board, Rev. Tara, and the congregation. Continuous feedback and open communication are critical aspects of shared ministry. Please feel free to reach out to members of the COM or Rev. Tara directly with your feedback on how shared ministry at A2U2 is going. Their contact info can be found on Breeze or find them on Sunday morning!