Creativity and Art

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.” -Scott Adams

It is May. Yay!! Creation is exploding with new life. We at A2U2 are a part of that, reflecting and embodying the creativity to which the very Spirit of Life has called us. It is contagious and irresistible, and we are responding, prepared to do a new thing, or several, for the simple joy and liberation it brings.

There are five areas of interest and creativity which you have identified for exploration, and we are in the process of creating Exploration Teams. These teams will be organized around exploring:

  • Participation by children and youth in shared ministry
  • Cross-generational community building (note this is larger than adult/child connections. For example, elders/young parents, empty nesters/elders., empty nesters/ young adults, etc.)
  • Outreach and expansion into the external community
  • More use of outdoor space
  • Enhance interior space

Many of you have signed up to be part of one of these exploration teams. You still may do so. (Speak with Diane Oberbeck to join a team) So, I want to tell you about these teams.

Each team will be convened shortly, and given a charge from the board along with an authorization to explore and experiment.

Teams: I invite you to step outside the box, to color outside of the lines, to imagine church as you might invent it, and then share with us your imaginings. Make it happen!

Nothing you do will be permanent…unless we collectively decide to keep it.

Scott Adams’ wisdom here is so important.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

A2U2- Your charge: To support these teams.

Enter with joy and open hearts. We are exploring the possibilities, experimenting within this container of time with which we have been gifted.

We will make mistakes. Some will be delightful serendipitous discoveries, and others not. We will learn from them, and laugh as often as we can.

Over time your discernment will ripen and you will know which ones to keep. Stay playful, for I am convinced that the creative holy force that animates the universe has a sense of humor.

With emergent springtime blessings,
Your Rev. Anita