Holding Things Lightly

I’d like to invite us to hold ourselves lightly, our dreams and hopes, our knowledge and beliefs, our disappointments and our mistakes.  All of them, lightly.

We are entering into a time of experimentation.  We decided this together.  That was the buy-in.  As a congregation we decided we wanted to try new things, maybe do church differently, our building, our organization, our worship.  Maybe do music differently.  Maybe do scheduling differently.  Maybe do our public presentation differently.  Maybe be with one another differently, or be with folks other than the ones with whom we usually interact.

Different groups and teams within the congregation are formed or forming up to imagine what some of those changes could possibly be or look like, and offer experimental experiences.

Can you agree to entertain some possibilities, even if only for a while?  To engage in an experiment with an open heart and mind, until a better idea surfaces, or an improvement achieves our intention?

Can you hold it all lightly – lightly enough for it to feel like fun, creativity and learning?

Can you, you who participated in a house meeting, you who want to nurture our roots and branches, you who came to the congregational meeting to hear the summarized desires of this congregation; can you buy into this new state of being for this short transitional time? A time to explore and experiment.

I hope you can.  I hope you will.  This is such an exciting and generative time in the life of A2U2.  And you are a part of it.

And as you are entering this time of experiment, holding it lightly, I invite you to remember these wise words:

“Just because things don’t work out the way you planned them doesn’t mean they didn’t work out well.”  -Adair Lara

Can we do that?  Sit back and laugh when we realize that the gift was in the mistake, and the outcome a discovery and a blessing?

I think we can.  It is the adventure we have chosen.

Wishing you blessings and joy,

Rev. Anita