Junior Youth Group at the Allen Ave Unitarian Universalist Church in Portland Maine


Junior Youth Group is offered for youth in 6th through 8th grade.  It meets during the 9:00 AM worship service.  Youth typically attend Youth Group from 9:00 – 10:15 AM and occasionally attend a complete worship service.

Youth are welcome to begin attending the program at any time during the year.  If a youth is attending for the first time, please have an adult accompany them to the program space and fill out a brief registration form with the program volunteer.

The JYG is utilizing the UUA-curriculum “The New You the Creator.” The goal of this curriculum is creative empowerment – helping all participants discover themselves as creators and as one with positive and universal creative forces. The curriculum is intended to lead participants to new ideas and new experiences, but not to specific beliefs.

The basic message of the New You the Creator is expressed in the last three words of its title. You the participant are, can be, and should be one of the creative forces of the world – for its sake and for yours.

But the curriculum does not directly present this message for participants to memorize, parrot back, and forget. Rather, it offers experiences and ideas and successes for them to carry forward as they move on from the program.

The curriculum is informed by ten major themes:

  1. Religion and Creativity
  2. Religion and Creative Arts
  3. Arts and Creativity
  4. Creativity and Self
  5. Practical creativity
  6. Universal Creative Force
  7. Creative Spirituality
  8. Creating Community
  9. Yes You Can
  10. Creativity for All

Please contact the Director of Religious Education for more information.