Inspired by the book of Esther in the Hebrew Scriptures, my ministry leans into the question posed by Mordechai: “Who knows? Perhaps you have come for just such a time as this.” I am called to the challenging and amazing journey of working together in community to cultivate trust, faith, resiliency, and our capacity for collective transformation. This is a shared ministry, a ministry of partnership.

My theology is rooted in relationship, covenant, and my lived experience of community life. Put simply, I experience God in the space between us, even when it’s messy. I am a process-oriented person and believe that how we are together is equally important to what we do together. I believe laughter is medicine, and tears are holy. I welcome you just as you are, in love.

My ministerial formation began in the Trump era and has seen more than two years of pandemic, hybrid worship, uncertainty, and loss. This is ministry as I know it; it’s hard work. And it is holy work, work that I love. I look forward with joyful anticipation to the journey ahead.

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