New England Region UUA to Conduct Spiritual Leadership Seminars

Spiritual Leadership is an orientation and practice by which individuals and congregations create, sustain, and restore Beloved Community in which everyone experiences belonging, wholeness, greater equity, and an increased willingness to risk on behalf of our values.

Spiritual Leadership is needed everywhere — our homes, schools, places of work, neighborhoods, communities. The call to claim Spiritual Leadership is not just for “leaders” but for everyone.

As covenanted communities, congregations are perhaps especially suited to nourish and support it.

Consider attending if you and your congregation are looking for ways for congregational life to be:

  • less about volunteer chores and more about soulful engagement with your faith;
  • less about the worry of not having enough volunteers, money or time and more about finding energy and meaning in the gifts already present; or
  • less about the business of church and more about the transformative power of communities living their values in ways that challenge dominant culture — both within and beyond the congregation.

As the New England Region staff designs programming that goes beyond an introduction, we continue to make this introductory workshop available so Spiritual Leadership becomes an embedded congregational practice.