Radiating Joy!

A2U2 is a community radiating vitality and even joy.  Yes, joy.

From 110 people sitting down to lunch together to share stories and learn about A2U2’s history, to folks rapidly signing up for a photo shoot to insure inclusion in a new photo directory, to 40 people devoting a Saturday to developing skills in multicultural competency, to small groups engaging in conversations about strategic planning this is a congregation enjoying itself and on the move.

One of the signs of a healthy congregation is that when leaders lead, the congregation responds.  There is a sense of connection, cooperation and common purpose.  It is a relationship of engagement, of give and take, of seeking, learning and doing together. I find it thrilling (if not at times, exhausting — I know.  Please thank your Board, Transition Team, Kathy Neddeau, and all the folks who jump right in and help things happen).

The growing embrace of hospitality as a spiritual practice meant that when we planned an after-worship adult event, we also planned a children’s event (including child-friendly food) to ensure that all who wished to stay and be included, could do so.  When visitors from across the country appeared at worship, folks happily invited them to join us for lunch with sufficient warmth that they accepted the invitation and stayed. It felt good to extend that hospitality and it was deeply appreciated by parents and by the visitors.  What other ways can you think of to enhance the experience of hospitality here at A2U2?  The rewards are soul sustaining.

This year is rolling out with joy and purpose.  Our children and youth are organizing a food drive.  Our Artisan Fair is in the planning.  The Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop is coming up in November. So many ways to receive by giving, to be sustained through your participation.

What a rich and inspiring opportunity to be church together.  I feel blessed and deeply grateful.

                                                                   Rev. Anita