Homecoming Service and Celebration

We will have our Water Ceremony, a welcome and introduction to our Religious Education program for the children, and an enhanced coffee hour time between to the two services so that we can meet and greet each other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our Water Ceremony this year will follow the format we used last year. Each person or household is invited to bring water that represents something meaningful about their summer. If you forget to bring water — don’t worry — we have plenty!

The three themes we are invited to consider and choose from, to highlight from our summer experience are: Blessings, Wonder, and Promise. There will be a time for sharing for each of these themes.

It is a way for us to hear about something important in one another’s lives — to engage in conversation more deeply, and gracefully weave our A2U2 tapestry anew.

I hope to see you!

Rev. Anita


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Water Ceremony