Winter Solstice Celebration

A2U2’s Winter Solstice Celebration will be virtual this year, mixing photos of celebrants and pageantry from previous years with fresh music and thoughts for 2020. The celebration is designed with three fulfilling parts – Past, Present, and Promise – each with enriching music, positive thought, pleasant photographic memories, and inviting meditative spaces. The moment of the turning is 5:02 a.m. on Monday, December 21.

Here is the link to the event. This link will be posted Monday at 5 p.m., and will be available at any time after that.
We suggest watching in the evening in a darkened room. If kids will be with you, consider putting them in charge of gradually lowering the lights through the first half of the 50-minute celebration, and bringing them slowly back up through the second half. We cannot gather in person this year, but we can join our hearts and souls in spirit. Plan to experience the mystery with us as we move through the darkness of the night toward the light of tomorrow.

Wishing you peace and bright moments!