Spirit of Water

Water/ Wellness in the spirit.

Love of water, thru tranquility of wilderness, water can cause healing, creating a health in us that can only be caused by peace, flow, sounds, smells, feels. PEACE like a River, soothing living waters…. flood my soul. Water is in alliance with us, for good! Asking for good things in the water… sharing our intentions travels throughout the consciousness over the whole earth.

It’s always been the same water, recycled thru the clouds and back down to us for lakes, rivers and drinking. The original water is still here. Every person’s ancestors had the same water. Water ties us all together. The one element has so much for us to learn from. Sacredness.

Taryn was a wilderness therapist for 25 years. Working in the wilderness/ outdoor settings all over the USA as the backdrop of different modalities of education, community and connections, drug and alcohol counseling and family therapy. Using what Goddess/ the Universe has given us as a backdrop to find a sense of Peace in ourselves and with others.

Masks are optional, but encouraged.

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