God Above? or God Within?

One might say “No duh!” But it’s worth contrasting this “top-down” or “hierarchical” management viewpoint, versus “decentralized” or “embedded-in-nature” concepts of this idea we call “God.” The way our genes “dictate” how our bodies are to be constructed from conception onward, provides a very down-to-earth example of the “decentralized” viewpoint, in contrast with the outdated “genes are a blueprint for the body” idea.

Joe Seale will present this pre-recorded service. Joe is a 30-year member of A2U2, still active as an engineer, and with a continuing interest in philosophy, particularly the philosophy of science. Here  is the link to the service.

A Virtual Coffee Hour via Zoom will follow the service at 10:45 AM. Here is the link to the Coffee Hour.

One tap mobile for the Coffee Hour:

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