Tricking My Brain into Joy

As a general grump who would probably rather be sitting quietly at home, “happiness” sometimes sounds like a lot of work! This service contains some reflections on Caroline’s attempts to carve out more moments of joy and fulfillment, along with her (non-expert!) overview of the psychology and behavioral economics concepts that inspired this self-experimentation.

Caroline Marsden (a staid introvert and cynical pessimist) and her husband Kassidy Helfant (an obligate extrovert and charming optimist) moved to Gorham and joined A2U2 in 2020. Caroline has degrees in Philosophy, Chinese, and Business Administration and is currently a software engineer with a personal finance hobby — so mostly she just likes to learn! Including, sometimes, how mental models and cognitive biases are at work in her own head.

This will be a single indoor service at 10 AM.

Masks are now optional, but encouraged.

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